Monday, 10 September 2012

I wish it was socially acceptable for people to do this.

Well if you could, you would, wouldn't you.

Now he looks like a chocolate covered banana and I just want to eat him.

Ooooh has anyone else fallen in love with the Tesco chocolate tea? Just me?

Apparently Tea pigs do a version.. Has anyone tried it? Is it a squillion pounds?


  1. Yet to try the chocolate tea, but it is on my theoretical shopping list for pay day! I shall let you know my findings. I would like to say though. . . . If they made a chocolate fountain big enough for me to perch on the bottom and engulf myself, I'm on that like a tea addict next to a kettle! :D

  2. Well I think we know what to get you for christmas..

    I have modified the chocolate tea recipe these days. I sweeten it with.. chocolate nesquick. That's probably a capital offence somewhere isn't it.