Monday, 15 February 2010

Something lovely to go with your tea today

So it was Valentines day yesterday. Sigh.

It always gets you thinking doesn't it. If you're single you might be happy, melancholy, sad, rather indifferent. (Those who say they're totally indifferent are lying...)

If you're in a relationship it's either a reminder of your love, a chance to express anew, or a bit of a kick in the teeth when your s/o forgets.

Maybe you got a proposal yesterday? Maybe you got dumped? Maybe nothing happened at all.

The video below happened to me. And I read the phrase 'love never dies a natural death'. I am toying with the idea of clarifying to 'love never dies a natural death, except on those extremely rare occasions when two people gradually happily fall out of love with each other, a la Meg Ryan and her first fiance in Sleepless in Seattle' but i think those sort of people don't really exist. Anyone who thinks that's happened to them is just kidding themselves.

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