Sunday, 7 March 2010

Really really clever paintings...

Over a nice cup of tea today I am looking at these:

Yep. I know. They look like photos...

but they're paintings

by Alyssa Monks.

I am very impressed.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

hang on a minute..

I wish this kind of idea occurred to me.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A passive aggressive note (first of many i'm sure..)

It must have been a pretty big bite...

“My co-workers and I were in love with this note when we found it attached to the office refrigerator,” says Brian in Cleveland. “We wanted a copy, but the woman frightened us. So we came up with an elaborate scheme. One co-worker walked to the kitchen carrying a folder. She grabbed the note, stuffed it inside, and walked down the hallway. She handed it to another co-worker and stood watch. That co-worker raced to give it to me, who rapidly made a copy. Then we reversed the sequence. Within two minutes, the note was back on the fridge, and we were in heaven.”

thank you :o)

Monday, 15 February 2010

Something lovely to go with your tea today

So it was Valentines day yesterday. Sigh.

It always gets you thinking doesn't it. If you're single you might be happy, melancholy, sad, rather indifferent. (Those who say they're totally indifferent are lying...)

If you're in a relationship it's either a reminder of your love, a chance to express anew, or a bit of a kick in the teeth when your s/o forgets.

Maybe you got a proposal yesterday? Maybe you got dumped? Maybe nothing happened at all.

The video below happened to me. And I read the phrase 'love never dies a natural death'. I am toying with the idea of clarifying to 'love never dies a natural death, except on those extremely rare occasions when two people gradually happily fall out of love with each other, a la Meg Ryan and her first fiance in Sleepless in Seattle' but i think those sort of people don't really exist. Anyone who thinks that's happened to them is just kidding themselves.